Nor'Easter Game Calls® & The 3D Hunting Memory® THE ORIGINAL NOR' EASTER GAME CALLS SINCE 2011
  • Blood Series Turkey Pot Call Strikers


    These Are The Blood Series Turkey Pot Call Strikers, Each striker is made one at a time by me from blood red alumilite resin and cholla cactus. Each striker has a unique look and a unique sound on different pot calls, If you buy a striker with your blood series call or one of my calls it is best to allow me to match your striker to the pot call for the best sound, If you wish to just purchase a Blood series striker to have for your call and take your chances it will sound great I will be glad to send one along, Tips are from Maple, osage orange, purple heart, cocobolo wood, padauk wood, red heart, and other woods as I choose.