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  • Nor'Easter Lil' Mutha Clucka Mini Box Call Cluck and Yelp Call

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    This is the Nor'Easter Lil' Mutha Clucka, This little call can do it all, at only 4-7/8 long 7/8 wide and 2 inches tall it will fit in your shirt pocket, but thats not all, this call can cluck and yelp with the best of them, yelp away with the sound of a nice young Bird then open the call flip up the ABS tab and the lid will rest against the tab so all you have to do is lightly hit the lid into the tab for some great clucks you can go slow or fast with just a tap to the lid, call is made from Oak and Walnut, Sorry no hidden chalk vile in this little guy just no room in the call.