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  • Outdoor drive podcast Jurassic series mammoth ivory in resin with Damascus band (8)

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    This is a hand made outdoor drive podcast Jurassic series mammoth ivory in alumilute resin with a cocobolo wood tone tube, all turned one at a time. extremely limited run edition every piece of ivory has to be hand sanded before it can be put in the resin mold to ensure the resin will take so these are really time consuming not to mention coming up with 10,000 to 15'000 year old mammoth ivory from Alaska. It also has a mammoth ivory thumb stud to move the slide from buck grunt to doe bleat, call also has a real Damascus metal band with a soft flexible rubber hose makes for an extremely realistic sound. The brass slide, tone board and wedges along with the reeds are also made here in the shop these are truly a one of a kind call that not just look great but sound great.