Nor'Easter Game Calls® & The 3D Hunting Memory® THE ORIGINAL NOR' EASTER GAME CALLS SINCE 2011
  • The Outdoor Drive Ridge-Runner Turkey Calls

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    New batch being made. Will be available by 3-15 sold out due to high demand, but I'm getting more done as fast as I can.

    Custom Nor Easter Game Calls Limited Edition “Outdoor Drive Podcast” turkey calls. Serial Numbered to 14. Comes with a Maple Top Striker with Maple Tip.  These calls where made right here in the shop from local harvested red oak and cherry, the top is aluminum surface and can make great clucks and yelps with little effort, great little call that was brought back to life from an old call maker in the mountains of Virginia, the original call was sent to me by Stephen Clark from the outdoor drive podcast with hopes of bringing it back to life, and I was able to do just that, This will be a very limited run so don't miss out.