Nor'Easter Game Calls® & The 3D Hunting Memory® THE ORIGINAL NOR' EASTER GAME CALLS SINCE 2011
  • Thin Blood Turkey Pot Call with Prickly Pear Cactus in Aluminite Resin

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    This custom turned Nor' Easter Thin Blood Series call is made from red blood Aluminite resin with Prickly Pear cactus embedded in the resin Turkey Pot call has some great sound from purs to clucks to the best sounding yelps a call can make, The call is slate with No sound board, This series is made for saving space by making the call as thin and light as possible and getting all the sound that a large thick and heavy call gives, each pot call is tested for sound after it is finished, I try different strikers with the call to find the best striker to match the call, The strikers I use will vary but the one sent with the call will be the best match to the call, All my turkey calls are turned one at a time and polished and sealed so they will hold up in the field, if you give one of my turkey calls a try you wont be disappointed. 

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