How We Got Started

In October 2010 I ordered my first high end duck call from a large box store retailer with the promise of an award winning duck call. It was on its way for the mere price of $89.00. 

In just a few days my call arrived in time to use it for duck season here in Maine. I was extremely excited to get it opened and give it a try.

To my disappointment when I tried the call it sounded terrible no matter how I tried to make it sound better.

I was sure not a single duck in 50 states would come anywhere near my blind.  

It seemed I had wasted my hard earned money on a piece of junk.

That started my research on the web about making duck calls and how to turn them on a lathe, and learning how to adjust and tune the reeds for making the best sounding duck call for the money.

So after many hours of reading and watching videos I placed my order for my new lathe. I ordered some mallard duck call inserts and reeds and all the other stuff needed to be a call builder.

In no time I was trying out my first call. I was able to test and tune my new calls during duck season to get the best sound a call could give and make them easy to use for a beginner as well. Soon after, the duck calls were working great and it was time to create all the other calls needed.

I started making goose calls, teal, and wood duck calls, rabbit squeal calls, coyote howl calls, crow calls, owl calls, deer grunt calls, turkey pot calls, and red squirrel calls. I tested and adjusted them as I went to make the very best call money can buy. 

Since January 2011 I have sold my calls all over the United States with great feedback from all the users and photos of their successful hunts. 

What a joy to know I helped in getting their prey within shooting range! 

All of my calls come with a 100% money back guarantee and I will pay for the return shipping if you don't like your call for any reason.

I am very confident that you will love your call and you will tell your friends just where to get the best call money can buy.

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